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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Suprise!

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound since I have become pregnant with baby number two! The baby's legs were crossed. so it took us a while to find something, but there was a little something there!
We are having another BOY!

We are very excited. Now we can stay in our house longer (it is only a two bedroom, so they can share). I was also trying to figure out how to decorate a room that had both a boy and a girl and I was stumped, so now it is not a problem. The room will be all about sailing, complete with a sail boat bed just for Ben. The new baby can use everything Ben did,so we only NEED a few things like a double stroller and a swing that plugs in.

We had decided on a name, but now are a little nervous about it, so I think we are open to other names again. We still might choose this one in the end, but we need some time to mull it over.

The technician said I was measuring a week small, so she would change my due date to oct. 1, but she doesn't know if the doctor will change it. The baby was breach, so it made it hard to find and measure some things, but it just took a little longer.

I want to make this little guy feel special so even though I don't need new crib bedding, I will make him his own special set and his own blessing outfit. I also wanted to make a few things for myself, like a nursing cover. I never used the ones I have made before, because they didn't cover enough when the baby got wiggly, I would just use a blanket, but I will make a poncho style one this time and see if it works.
This is the inspiration for the boys new room


ALYN said...

Congrats on the Boy! That's exciting. Love the sailboat theme, can't wait to see the room!

Erin said...

Congrats! I should have gone with what you said you thought it was but then I saw that both you and Daniel guessed girl!

I love nautical rooms- it is VERY hard to do a cute boy/girl room. I'll let you know how it turns out! If you have a Joann's near you I saw the cutest curtain thickness material in navy blue with white sketches of sailboats on it.