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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have been thinking lately of my last pregnancy and what I did to prepare. It was my first so I was really gung ho and had lots of time to plan and make things. Not so much this time. I was way more sick and have a child, so it makes things tricky. I don't have to quite prepare the same way as the last one, because I know it will be a c-section. OK so I have found a few gems that I want to make for myself for this baby and then if the baby is a boy I NEED anything, so I would like just make some extra cool things to help me prepare for the baby. If it is a girl, I definitely want to make a lot more fun stuff, but I really think it will be a boy....boys run in our families. so here is the list:

Swaddler with minky fabric

stroller straps that hold your diaper bag

car seat blanket

A diaper bag that looks like a combo of these three

A hospital gown for my duration

I really want a new swing. Ben used his 20 out of 24 hours when he was little due to colic, so I need help. I want one that has a plug in adaptor and is comfy to sleep in. Recommendations?


Johnston Journal said...

We had the jungle one - it goes side to side and back and forth. It plugs in. Ethan never really liked the swing at all, but my girlfriends that have one love it!

Johnston Journal said...

So Super cute - all of the ideas! I SOOO wish I had your talent!!!!

BTW - we are coming next weekend. :) Woo Hoo

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

I love the black and white diaper bag, where did you find it? Ha I want it when I have a baby :)