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Monday, December 15, 2008


well I thought that I would explain wh I have been absent for about a month... Daniel and I decided to stay in Missouri so we moved into an apartment located in Daniel's parents garage. It is a one room and quite cozy. They had dial up internet the entire month of November. They updated and got high speed, but since we are in the country it is still not fast enough to upload photos. So the photos I have been able to upload were done by hauling my laptop to my moms and doing everything there. So it will probably be long periods of time between posts and photos, but I will try to keep up.

This past month Benjamin has done a lot:
  • smiled
  • talks
    • he smiles and talks the best in the morning when he first wakes up
  • sings
    • he sings all the time with mommy or when he hears music or someone else singing
  • found his hands
    • he likes to suck on his fist
  • went on vacation to Arizona
    • to visit G'pa & G'ma Tayrien
  • imitates
    • his favorite is clicking his tongue
  • started to turn toward sounds
  • discovered he had a herniated belly button
    • don't worry it doesn't hurt him, but we can't fix it untill age 5
  • had his first baby sitter
    • we left him with Grandma Guenin while we went to dinner and a movie... we didn't finish the movie
  • watched the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
    • it is tradition with my dad and I so I introduced it to him
  • had his first Thanksgiving day
    • we also went shopping at 4 am the next morning, I had him strapped to me and he slept the whole time
  • turned two months old
  • got his first round of shots
    • he then got a cough that sounded like he was hacking up a lung
  • flirted with the old ladies at church
    • oh no I am in trouble
  • got a hair cut
    • he started to look like Bozo the clown with three points on his head
  • laughed
    • during patty cake
  • sits with help
    • bumbo chairs are the best
well the next time I go to my moms I will post all the photos that accompany this post...


Life as a Greenstreet said...

What a little cutie! Both my kids had umbilical hernias and both of them fixed themselves! Hopefully his does the same. :)

Michelle Church said...

I loved reading about him!!! He sounds amazing - clicking his tongue, singing and talking!! It seems like Nathan didn't do those things until he was a lot older. The fun is just beginning. It's so great as they start to interact with you. Nathan is such a flirt too. lol When my friend comes over with her little girl (12 mo) Nathan doesn't pay much attention to the baby, but flirts with the mom the whole time. It's so funny!! Can't wait to see more pictures. Sorry mom and dad's internet doesn't work well. I know i can't upload full sized images. I have to export them to make them smaller first. I don't know if you're doing that or if Daniel could help show you how! (especially since your camera is so nice it would have large pictures).

Sarah said...

Wow, what a huge list of accomplishments! It's crazy - we live so close but every time we see him he's grown so much and can do new things. Hey...if you guys ever need a babysitter we would LOVE to watch Ben! (We do need the practice now, yay!)