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Monday, December 15, 2008

First Hair cut

Ben has crazy long hair and already needed a hair cut especially on the sides. So here are the photos from his first hair cut!


Michelle Church said...

Hooray!! More photos! I loved them. He is just so cute. I want to just squeeze him!! I love his hair!! It's so hard to cut. Did you save any of it? I love your gingerbread houses! you look great. Who is Erin? Ben's skin is such a nice color and he has blue eyes!! I loved the pictures. As you can tell, I'm checking every minute. lol

Michelle Church said...

Oh, cute snowman slideshow theme! I wanted to tell you that I feel so much more content seeing pictures of him. Like I'm not missing out as much and like I'm there! (: So thanks for posting them. It's hard to be away!

Sarah said...

I love the picture of him in that adorable little hat Brittany! And I can't believe he's already getting a haircut! It's hilarious that Nathan and Ben both got their first haircuts in the same month lol!