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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Arizona trip

G'ma Tayrien
Charlotte and Benjamin
Great Grandma Tayrien
G'pa Tayrien

My lovely parents who live in Arizona were wonderful enough to fly baby Ben and I to visit them at the beginning of November. I was a little nervous about Ben and flying, because it always seems like there is one crying child on a flight. Well I just have the best baby ever and he didn't cry or fuss one bit! I sat by the cutest lady who adored Ben and took video and photos of him. We were on the same return flight so she burned them to a CD and gave them to me! I also purchased a certificate for Ben's first flight. The pilots and all the attendants signed it! it is super cute! ok so as soon as i arrived in AZ my family threw me and Ben a baby shower! it was so fun to see the whole Tayrien family. I loved all their gifts! I had so much fun the rest of the week! I spent time going to work and showing off the baby, thrift store shopping, seeing my other side of the family, and eating good food! i had such a great time and i know his G'ma and G'pa spoiled him rotten!


Michelle Church said...

SO SAD about the photos!! I didn't hear about your trip, that sounds great with the baby shower and a certificate for the flight. I didn't even know that existed. Now I wish I would have got one for Nathan. Nuts!! That's so nice they flew you down there. I miss you guys and sure miss being able to hold baby Ben!! Give him a smooch for me.

Jere said...

It was great to see you and your adorable baby boy. We're really glad you two were able to come. Take care, Love Aunt Jere
P.S. We'll keep checking for more photos

Ed and Kathy said...

It was so nice to have you and little Benjamin visit us. He sure is a sweetie! Hopefully next time we can have Daddy come too!

Mollie Lawrence said...

I have photos. Email me your address & I'll share with you what I have too. I have some really good ones of you and erin with each other's babies:)
It was so nice seeing you too!