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Sunday, December 14, 2008

ok so I finally got the photos to work at my moms and I am not excited any more about the photos I have, but here a few... The first one is Ben in his bumbo chair and it is my FAVORITE! he is way too cute I can't stand it! the next one is my cousin Charly's baby Ethan. I made him a monkey coat and he is modeling it. I made banana mittens! then the last one is Ethan and Jeff with Ben. I will post more photos soon!


Michelle Church said...

Oh my word!!! David & I are dying. We can't stand it either. HE IS THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I just want to squeeze him. I was just laughing and laughing at the picture because it's so adorable!!! I'm going to be excited about any photos you have. The coat is AMAZING Brittany! YOu did such a great job. I love the mittens too. You should seriously sell those online or something. I feel so sad that we don't get to experience Ben's cuteness in person! Love you and keep the photos coming!

Lynette said...

You could sell the stuff you makke on etsy! So cute!

Johnston Journal said...

So Jeff wnats to build you a website for your coats. I love it!

The coat is amazing and I am so thankful! We love love love it!

I also love the pic of Ethan and Benjamin! How fun!!! I think we should get all three boys together and get a good picture of them.

Bruce and Chanteal Brooks said...

That coat is so cute! You are amazing at sewing. Your son is so cute!