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Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Brother Joe

Joe's first day of first grade

Our Paper mache masks

Joe and his craft for Benjamin

Since I am living with my parents again until after the baby is born, I have the privilege of spending time with my little brother Joseph. Today he started his first day of First grade. He looks like an eight year old and talks like a thirty-five year old. When I first came to live with them I babysat him on Thursdays. We did a lot of crafts including making paper mache masks. I thought everyone like doing paper mache, but he doesn't like to get his hands dirty, s i made the masks and then he decorated them. He runs around the house now acting like a monkey or a tiger. His latest animal is a pug. He follows my little pack around and barks and howls to get them worked up into a frenzy and then no one can get them settled down. He asked me to make him a pug tail the other day, but I was stumped at how to make a cinnamon roll of a tail. We decided to make some art to hang around baby Benjamin's bassinet to welcome him into the world. So like I said earlier today was his first day of school and I can't wait to meet him when he gets off the bus. I wonder if the time will fly by fast and soon I will be sending my baby boy off into the world...

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Michelle Church said...

Those crafts are adorable! I love it. You're so crafty to do those things with him. I hope his first day went well. 35 yr old - I must agree!! (: Time really does fly. I feel like I was just pregnant with little Nathan, now he's over 9 months, crawling "talking", he has teeth, eating tons of things, giving hugs, kisses, the list goes on. They just learn so fast. They're little sponges. I'm so excited for you to experience all of that and to hear about it!!