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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Fun

So the week and a half when Daniel was still in Missouri is over. He made it safely to New York City and is settled into his first apartment. Tomorrow he starts at the United Nations! I am so excited for him! When he was still in Missouri we had fun with his family as well as my mom's family. The Hamman's have a really nice pool so Daniel and his brothers spent most of their time swimming. The dogs really got used to swimming and were more comfortable with sitting on the steps and letting us soak them with the cool water. Hazel loved to ride on top of an upside down inner tube. If you leave it floating she sill jump on all by her self and float around the pool! His parents have a Newfoundland dog who was afraid of swimming. Ollie was the best swimmer out of five dogs. It is soooo hot here! Today it was 99 degrees plus humidity. I feel like melting all of the time! We also spent time down at the creek by my moms house. Daniel got a kick out of riding their four wheeler. The creek was so cold I loved it! So did the dogs. I got burnt one of the days. I was wearing SPF 50, but they say that when you are pregnant it is easier to tan and burn. I sat in the water for most of the day, so my legs were burnt everywhere but a circle right under my belly. It looks really funny! Anyways, I am all set up and ready for this baby to come! It is getting really close and I am getting really huge!


Rebekah said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. The one time I put Che in a pool to swim I had a nice scratch for trouble... he wasn't very fond of it, which surprises me since he likes water.

Steve and Amanda said...

Daniel shaved his head! I barely recognized him. Looks like lots of fun. Your babies(puppies) are so funny, they all like the water. Glad to here everyone made it safely to their destination. ** Thanks for getting back to me about the newsletter, I'm excited to get it started.

Walker Family said...

oh my goodness! britt! i just saw your name on marys list!! you are having a baby!! A very late congrats to you dear!!!!!! we have a private blog but you can e-mail me at lizastrebel@hotmail.com and i will add ya! so good to get a little update on your little family!!

Michelle Church said...

it was so much fun to hang out all together!! I miss everyone!