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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby Update

Well I finally was able to find a doctor here in Branson and have an appointment. His name is Dr Zeller. He is an older guy with white hair. He is a family doctor who has been practicing for 30 years, so I am comfortable with him delivering my baby. I have stayed on target with weight gain. I am supposed to gain 1 lb. a week and so far I have gained 29lbs. I think most of it is pure baby! This kid is huge and he loves to flip-flop everywhere. my blood pressure was lower and my tummy was measuring right on schedule. I asked if the Doctor would give me an epidural if I wanted one (or had enough time) and he said he was all for it and he actually gives epidural himself. He said those who are trained on the east coast learn to do them! I was thrilled to find this out, because then the Doctor will be more involved in the labor process. I was looking at other pregnant friends and relatives, and realized that I am carrying my baby WAY low. It starts at about the middle of my abdomen and his head sits right on my pelvic bone. This is uncomfortable almost all of the time. My mom carried her babies the same and she never had a labor longer than 4 hours. I am sure I will have the same luck. It is less than 50 days and I can hardly wait! (partly because my husband is coming home then) well, my cousin Erin made a top five list of why she loved pregnancy and why she didn’t so I am going to do the same! I thought it was a cute idea…

Why I love pregnancy:

  1. People give you stuff. Such as food, compliments, advice, baby stuff, their seat, ect. (oh and if their were a major disaster, my chances of survival go up because they always give the first seat on the rescue vehicle to pregnant women, and the most food, in movies)
  2. Stretchy pants are heavenly. When I have to pee, I have to pee and elastic pants help the process to be much faster.
  3. I can feel my baby grow inside and know he is safe
  4. I don’t have to worry about sucking in my gut, I just let it all hang out and it feels good to do so.
  5. I am never cold. I used to wear sweaters in the summer and in the sunshine! I like enjoying the summer, air conditioning, and swimming!

Why I don’t:

  1. My baby likes to play target practice with my vital organs
  2. I waddle if I don’t concentrate
  3. I feel guilty if I eat too many sweets and not enough good foods
  4. I have never had projectile vomit before pregnancy
  5. I can feel my feet swell and it is not a pleasant experience
I think both lists could be longer, but I will let those of you who haven't had the joy of being pregnant before discover it on your own!


Erin Diehl Whitmer said...

I like your lists too. I guess I need to be thankful I haven't had the swollen feet or projectile vomit! People really do give you so much stuff. I've never had so many people ask me if I need help at the grocery store! You're right on target to gain the 35. I'm trying to at least get up to the minimum of 25 #. I don't feel like I'm carrying high or low- I feel like I'm carrying all over. My belly starts right under my chest and goes all the way down. I can feel her on my pelvic bone too. I guess when you're so short and not poking out very far it's got to go somewhere. I'm super jealous your mom's labors were only 4 hours. Even if you can't get the epideral at least your labor probably won't be too long. Good luck with the wait for the baby. That must be so hard to be separated from Daniel. Do you have an apartment or are you staying with your mom? Did you set up the baby's room or are you going to wait? If you did you should post pictures- I want to see all the cute stuff you were going to make.

Ed&Kathy said...

Britt, your list was great! Just don't get used to all the special treatment cause it will go away eventually. Not that your not worth it, it just slowly dissapates when the little Bambino arrives then eventually you're on your own. Now you know how your Father felt for the 20 odd years that He had a big belly. All belly, no delivery date in sight!!

Michelle Church said...

I agree, Dr Zeller is great!! I'm glad I was able to go with you and that Benjamin is doing great!! I can't believe that, 4 hours of labor. That is crazy!! My labor was pretty close to that at 25 hours - lol! I loved your little lists!! Pregnancy is such a miraculous thing!