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Monday, August 11, 2008

Missouri Baby Shower

While Daniel was here we had a family baby shower. All of our family in the area came and had a blast. We had really good food and then played two games. The first one was everyone had to cut yarn the length they thought would measure the length around my belly. Some measured way to big and others were really close. Daniel was the closest. Go figure! Then we played a game where there were two teams and they had to dress up in this outfit as fast as they could, take a photo and get out of it and move to the next player. My team won! It was so fun and the photos show! Then we opened gifts. We got many wonderful gifts from everyone! It was so fun! After that we all went swimming in the Hamman's pool. I love swimming because it takes the weight off my belly!


Steve and Amanda said...

Where are the fun pictures? I am getting excited for little Benjamin to come into the world. You better post lots of pictures so we can see him when he comes!

Walker Family said...

It sounds like a great shower! I really liked going swimming when i was pregnant too! You are too cute britt!

Mollie Lawrence said...

swimming was my favorite activity in the last trimester. It truly does feel great, especially with the heat!

Michelle Church said...

I have pictures to send you from the shower. Sorry you don't have them already so you could have posted them!!! I'll try to do that soon! (: