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Friday, June 14, 2013

A day in the life

I realized that life is short today. I wanted to capture a day in the life of my kiddos. Each of these pics has a meaning behind it. I want to remember them for always.

 Tate adores little people animals. I am always finding them under furniture

The boys have fallen in love with care bears. This one is giant and they use it as a pillow. I find her in very compromising positions. 

Not a day goes by without an appearance of one or more super heroes.  They fly around the house saving animals and each other. 

These boys are joined at the hip. This picture captures the love they have for each other. I love that they love to play together.  

I hate puzzle pieces.  There are too many and one is always missing. they love them though and ask to do them for hours. 

This little boy loves trains. He even sleeps with them. 

These boys love rope. They aren't allowed to play with it, so this is the next best thing. Key chains. 

 This is a "nest" I found behind the church bag in a closet. Benny put some cheerios in it in case the birds get hungry. 

Dinosaurs are another love. There is one in every room of the house right now.  

This is a book Daddy bought the boys to read to them every night. They loved to be read to. Benny also loves anything with wings, so a super hero with wings is the best ever! 

Benny is loves his legos. He plays with them every day. This morning he woke me up to ask if I could put this little guy together.  

I find undies everywhere. They go through them like candy. They would only wear these all the time, everywhere if I let them. 

They also adore the piano. Tate is often playing and singing on it. Benny just started lessons.  

Tigers and cheetahs are BIG right now. Benny is a cheetah all the time. I found this guy made it's way to a pile of spilt cheerios.

Daddy put out squirrel food out so we could watch them. Notice the one under the table.  

Auriel has tasted cereal and loves it. She gets so excited for the first bite and then relaxes and sits perfectly still so I can feed her.  

 Another lego creation. 

 I often find Tate like this in need of a cuddle and a kiss. *melt

 Tate is inside. Guess who put him there?

I told the boys to go brush their teeth. I guess Tate heard feet.  

Roaring on our bed.  

Oh how we love the pool. They were born fish.  

This is Benny' favorite thing to make for himself. A mustard sandwich.  

Benny has a special bond with is sister. He loves to hold her and "Babysit" her while I do a little house work. He is there when she wakes up in the morning, and hates when she goes to sleep. He is so sweet to her and is her little protector! 

It's summer so bandaids are a staple.  

I love making mow hawks and dressing the boys alike. I wish they would let me do that forever.  

Benny got his own BOM and this morning I found them  with the door propped open reading them together. 

Poor Auriel has been teething for two months now and her Sophie is a great relief.  

He loves milk and I love that nakie bum.  

 This was our first tropical storm and this is how Benny celebrated. 

 This is a painting Benny and I created. Love them! 

Every day Benny wants to color. I am constantly finding drawings, even on paper towels.  

Tate loves buckets. I have name him Darth Tater, because today he was breathing just like him with this bucket. 


Erin said...

Very cute to remember all the small things. I love the angle of some of the pictures.

Michelle C said...

Oh how I love this post. It is so heartwarming and helps me to appreciate the little things that tend to get on my nerves. I seriously LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that box picture. You should totally frame it!! And the undies picture, so cute!!! Love that quote from Dr. Seuss too. It is absolutely the truth.