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Monday, June 17, 2013

Help! I'm melting

Whoa! First of all I am sorry if I have unintentionally ignored your comments! I guess a few of them have been put into the spam file, and I just found them. From here on out I will respond back!

Second, I love my blog and sharing things with you, but I kind of need direction of what you guys want. I have sooooooo many ideas running through my head that it is really hard for me to focus and produce. So I would love to know what you guys want! Patterns? Tutorials? Inspirational? Cooking? etc. Eventually I want to start a YouTube channel where I can share everything in a video, but will take a little bit. I am here to share my talents with you guys!



Michelle C said...

I personally LOVE hearing about your life and how things are going, stories about the kids, life as a wife and mother. Just real honest stuff. But that being said, I also love anything crafty you share or any recipes you've tried and loved. So that really did not help whatsoever, but I think what's you're posting is great! You're not melting!!

Michelle C said...

I MISS your blog posts!!!!!!