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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swim wear - my thoughts exactly

In is very hard for me to explain sometimes the exact way I feel about things. I usually think of what I should say a half hour after the conversation is over. I am very grateful to this woman's post for doing it for me. Having a little girl of my own I will hold this in my back pocket till it is needed, because I am sure it will come up when she has the choice to pick out her own swimwear. I will also use this for when my boys have a hard time and to help them pick modesty as a good quality for a future wife. Thank you social media for enlightening me today!

First swim of the summer

Auriel's first summer!

She is growing up waaaaaaay too fast!

Love her little modest swimsuit her daddy got me for Mothers day! I will have to get a matching one!


Kori said...

I love the swimsuit. Glad to see your having fun with your girl.

Michelle C said...

I"m behind on your blog!!!! I absolutely love her swimming suit. I so hope you find one to match! Love the picture of her with daddy.

Michelle C said...

Oh and I just went back and read your link. That is amazing! I love what she had to say too. That chocolate cake analogy is spot on!