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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Toy box Tutorial

I have been looking for a way to store toys in our living room in a way that it fit a grown up style, but would hold the day to day toys. I have a system now that consists of five totes that I rotate every week so he has new toys and doesn't get bored. I have just been using the totes in the living room, but I wanted a better look. So I saw this idea and made it my own. I thought I would share my experience with you in case you wanted on too!

I started with these materials.
1 bottom: 16x24 in
2 sides: 16x14 in
6 side rails: 3/4 in thick x 3 1/2 in wide x 24 in long
2 : one foot long pieces of rope
4 coaster wheels
16: bolts with nuts size MS-112 (wal-mart)
skinny nails
stencil letters
black paint
masking tape
fabric for inside

Step 1

Hammer side pieces to bottom at right angles, setting the side pieces on top of bottom. I used this tote to set the bottom on and leaned the side piece against it and then hammered. You probably want to buy nails appropriate for the thickness of wood you chose. You don't want the nails poking through. I did not use wood glue, but if I had to do it again I would. This just secures the pieces more. You just apply it to the seams before hammering.

Step 2
I attached the first side rail to the bottom first(pictured on the top in this picture) and put two nails in the side and five along the bottom. Then I placed the top slat (bottom of photo) and and put two nails on each end. Then I placed the center slat evenly between the other two and nailed two in each end. Repeat this on the other side!

Drill two holes on either side of the crates for the handles. Thread them through and unwind the rope. Staple each thread to the side to secure.

Step 4
Turn the crate over and place coaster wheels about 1 inch from each side so you don't hit the seams you just hammered. Using a drill, drill holes according to holes. Thread bolts through and tighten with nuts. Repeat with remaining wheels. I used a rotating coaster so that you can move it in any direction and not just front to back.

Step 5
This is the decorating part now! I wanted to put some writing on it, because regular shipping crates have that, so I chose our family name. Line up your stencil with the bottom of the slat and lay out the word evenly across. Tape it down one letter at a time. I just lined up the seams of the letters as my guide.

Sponge black paint in an up and down motion, like blotting, with not a lot of paint on the sponge. You don't want it to bleed.

Next I used the sponge and VERY LITTLE PAINT, blot before you do this, and wipe the slat to age it. Quickly rub off the paint with a rag, paper towel or wipes. When it is dried, take sandpaper and go over slats and words to make them look aged and used.

I had more photos, but camera issues happened and I don't have them for the fabric process. I just made a square bag for the inside that would fold over the top. It is very snug so the boys can't pull it down.


Kori said...

That is really cool Brittany! I can't believe you just made that up. It's a great solution to the toy problem we all have in our family rooms.

Michelle Church said...

Awesome! I love it!! So creative and a lot of work. Good job! Makes me tired just reading it, lol.

Shannon @ The House Creative said...

This turned out amazing! I want one now.