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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baby Blessing and Grandpa

Halloween was Tayrien's baby blessing. I made Benjamen's blessing outfit and wanted to pass it on with him, so I made Tayrien his very own outfit too. The collar wasn't really that huge. The booties he is wearing are made by my Granny (Ben had his own too). The beautiful crochet blanket that he is laying on was made by Daniel's mother just for Tayrien. The Blessing was beautiful. My favorite part was that he would be a great help and support to his parents, but especially his mother! My dad came for the event from Arizona. It has been so fun having him here. We have gone out to three shows, had lots of good food, and decorated the house for Christmas. Last year I was in AZ helping my dad put up his Christmas lights, but he helped me this year!
Tayrien, 1 month

Our family on blessing day
This will probably be the only screaming picture of Ben ever.
He usually is really cooperative, but it was nap time)

My dad and Tayrien

My dad always brings new sports outfits and toys for the boys!
They are all dressed up in Phoenix Suns wear.


Michelle Church said...

How cute! Poor Ben, but that'll be a good memory to laugh about later. I LOVE Tayrien's outfit. YOu did such a great job and I love the contrast of the white with the blanket mom made. That is a great picture of your dad with Tayrien. That is a great memory from the blessing. He is already being such a good baby being a great help to you! (:

BrookeMonsen said...

So cute Britt! Your boys are just adorable. The funny thing is, Rhett wore his booties too that Granny made. Lol

Kori said...

That's awesome that your Dad got to come meet Tayrien, after all he is Grandpa Tayrien, right.