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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


So July flew by and I find myself in a rush. I have 56 days left until the official due date for this baby boy, but since I will have a c-section my doctor will most likely schedule it early.

I have been trying to finish a few projects to welcome the new little one. I decided to recover the baby car seat and make a cover for nursing. I found this really cute fabric and got right to work. I kept the original cover on and just slipped the new one over top, for added cushion. It turned out really cute. I am very pleased. With Ben I made a hooter hider, but found that it didn't give me the coverage I wanted esp. when Ben got older and could move more. So this time I made a poncho out of cotton. I am really excited to see how it works.

I made pies this month all by myself. I have always made them with my mom or granny, and I think they turned out really cute. I made Ben his own little pie. I made them for my brother Tucker who babysits my dogs and Benjamin for free all of the time. He says he prefers to be paid in pie.

I have been planning Ben's 2nd Birthday party lately and am almost ready. We will have it a month early because the baby will come and I want him to have a special day to himself. It will be a pool part because Ben is such a little fish and loves the water. I have been making a little kitchen from an old night stand for his big present. It has been hilarious building it. I had to go to home depot to find wood. Once found I had to find a helper and I just gave him all the measurements I needed and he cut it all down for me! It was so awesome! Then for two days I put it together. Now that all the pieces are together I painted it yesterday. I need to put some final touches on it, but looking back I think it is so funny that I built a whole little kitchen 8 months pregnant! I hope he likes it!

I also made a chore chart for Ben. He loves it and loves to add little scoops to his cone every day! I created it in Adobe InDesign, printed it at staples, and laminated the scoops. Then applied magnets to all the pieces so it sticks to the fridge!

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Michelle Church said...

I don't know how I missed this post. I jsut have to say that you are AMAZING Britt. I am so excited to see his kitchen. Will you have it at the party. That just sounds so great!!! Those pies look delish and his little one is adorable. I LOVE that chore chart. What a great idea and magnets on the frigdge - genius. THe nursing cover and carseat cover are so stylish. I can't believe you made a new cover for the carseat. Such talent!! I agree that a cover that goes all the way around would work a lot better!! I love seeing all your crafty projects!!