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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Brother Bonding

I have been wanting to do something to help Ben prepare for his new baby brother, and found this idea to draw a picture for the baby to see through mommy's tummy. So I broke out markers, he has never used them so it was equally exciting for him, and he had a blast drawing. He especially loved my belly button, or where it used to be. Then half way through he started to kiss my tummy, or his baby brother. The marker ink transfered to his face and he ended up looking like a replica of my messy tummy. It was a fun activity and kind of tickled. Maybe next we will draw a picture on paper!


Kori said...

I love it, very cute! I'm sure you had fun getting the marker off your tummy. You have more guts than me posting your pregnant belly on you blog, I'm not that gutsy. You look great!

Michelle Church said...

lol, that's so cute. you have a perfect belly. mine was/is stretch marks on top of stretch marks.