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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Close call

Tuesday was an interesting day for me. I had a lot on my to do list that day, so I started early. Ben and I get up and water the yard and garden every morning. I am soooo glad we have been doing this all summer, because now our trees are the only ones who have healthy green leaves. The other ones around us are dying. Our trees are the best thing about our property, so it is essential to treat them good. Ok, so we finish watering and get dressed to run errands.

I make a house payment and head on over to Target to fill my prescription for prenatal vitamins. I hadn't ever had to fill it, because my dad sends me extras and I had just run out and needed some. So Ben and I look at the toys, the diaper bags - oh I found a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that is reasonably priced that I am in love with! Then we run to the bathroom for a potty break. After that it is time to pick up the vitamins. So we then head over to another thrift store that I know has candle stick holders that I am looking for my cupcake stands. I did find exactly what I wanted. Then we go home for Ben's nap time. I had other errands to do that day, but I planned to do them after the nap. Daniel was supposed to work the night shift, so he was at home sleeping. I successfully put Ben to bed with a lot of screaming and protesting. Then Daniel and I sat on the couch and ate lunch while trying to catch up of "Covert Affairs". I started to have really big contractions. I usually have contractions from like week 10 and on, so I don't start keeping track unless they get to be consistent or really painful. These were both. My granny was in town and my mom was going to bring her by to visit while she ran to school for Joe, so when they got here I had her feel my contractions and get her opinion. I started to time them.

They were about 10 min apart and on a pain level of a 6. I lasted to a 6 with Ben's labor and then got an epidural, because I was afraid of what was to come. So The last time I felt this much pain was before Ben came out! Ok so I monitor them for at least an our and a half before I call my doctors office. They tell me to go in NOW! She even asked how far away I was from the hospital. We live approx. two minutes, so now big deal, we were close. So my mom gets Ben ready, Daniel gets dressed, I pack, because I cannot be that unprepared for this baby. I was at least going to take some things. I was trying to save the preparations for the new baby (getting out clothes, setting up the bassinet, packing for the hospital, etc.) for after Ben's Birthday party in a week and a half. So I felt totally unprepared and not ready. We didn't even have the right camera charged.

So Daniel, Ben and I all rushed to the hospital while my mom, granny, and joe were close behind. They would watch Ben in the waiting room. Ok, so we get there and I slowly walk up to the elevator. The contractions are getting closer, probably 5 min apart and I was having to really breath through them. When I got tot the third floor I noticed a lot of people already waiting in the waiting room. As I walked by I heard someone ask really loud "Is she in labor?" I turned around and gave them a "what does it look like I am doing?" look. I continued on my way. I came to the nurse station and promptly told them I was in preterm labor and my doctor had called ahead for me. They rushed me to a room and gave me a gown and a pee cup.

I get ready very slowly due to the nature of the pain I am experiencing. It is really hard to pee when you are contracting. So I get out and on to the bed and they ask me questions and someone puts an I.V. in my right hand. I hate I.V's. A nurse checks my cervix and says I am really thin, but not dilated. They strap monitors on my belly and give me this shot in my arm that is supposed to stop the contractions. They said it would make my heart race and my hair stand on end. It felt more like an anxiety attack all over my body.They also took my blood pressure. The shot worked. The contractions stopped. I still had them, but they weren't consistent or increasing in pain, so it was back to normal. My doctor finally came in and talked to the nurses. He said I was going to stay overnight for observation. They told me if I do go into consistent labor again, they would send me to Springfield, so I can be at the same hospital as the baby. They have to NICU in Branson.

So everything quiets down. Daniel takes Ben home and packs things so he can stay at my moms house. Then he gets me dinner from macaroni grill. I really wanted Thai food, but the nurse said no- to much sodium. While he is gone both his mom and dad arrive separately and I update them. I also am given a blood pressure pill. While they are there we hear a lady who is in the middle of labor and delivery and she was NOT happy. Daniel arrives and I am given a priesthood blessing. His parents leave and we eat the most delicious Italian meal ever! We were going to have date night before I had to come in, so Daniel found the channel of the shows we were going to watch for date night on the hospital t.v. We were so glad to have date night, even if it was in the hospital.

So Daniel stayed until 11pm and I tried to get comfortable. My hips ache when I sleep now and that Ben was really uncomfortable for me, so I didn't sleep much that night. My nurse kept coming in and checking on me, giving me my pill, and helping me pee. Finally at 8am I decided to end trying to sleep and then the breakfast lady came in. It was Sister Jensen. She is in young womens with me and her husband is in the bishopric. That was a nice treat. I ate and then texted Daniel. He came over about an hour later and my new nurse said that I was being released! So I was unhooked from that dreadful I.V and monitors. My had kept swelling during the night due to the fluids being pumped into me and the irritation from the needle. My nurse even had to get my blood pressure from my ankle , because she couldn't get an accurate reading from either arm.

So I changed and signed a release form. I had orders to res, rest, REST, and go to my doctor and pick up a prescription for the blood pressure pills. So Daniel and I head on out. My hand would not stop bleeding, so I got more cotton and a new bandage. We drove over to my doctor which is the next building over. We go up stairs and pick up a paper with the prescription. We head to Target to fill it. I get into one of those motorized carts so I don't have to walk. The carts at target are soooooo slow. It is kind of embarrassing how slow they are. I felt like a totally puts, but I kept driving it. I dropped of my prescription and we wandered the store for 20 min. and then exit the store.

There are other details to the day, but the best part is that they contractions stopped and baby is still inside my belly. I was not put on bed rest by my doctor, but Daniel insisted on strict rules. I cannot pick Ben up, Carry anything heavy, I must sleep on the couch a lot, and family will pick up the slack with helping with Ben.

I have been feeling fine. I slept like a baby last night. Ben has wanted me to pick him up and hold him all day, but I have restrained. It breaks my heart, but I have to think of the baby. Hopefully the next time I write about a hospital stay it will include the words: full term and he is out!


Jere said...

Hi Brittany,
I'm glad I checked your BLOG. I was glad to hear that they were able to stop your labor. I'm sure it will be much better to go at least a few more weeks OR full term. Take care of yourself. We'll keep you in our prayers. Aunt Jere

Michelle Church said...

It was fun to read all the details. So you have high blood pressure too?? I didn't know that part. Hmm. Did they say anything about a low sodium diet then? Hospitals beds are the worst and then you're super pregnant, so I bet that night was awful. That's so great you still got your date night though. With Ben, can you just sit on the couch have him climb up, and then snuggle there instead of actually holding him? Then he's not really deprived. Just a couple more weeks until you hit the fullterm mark, so that's exciting!!! That's so sweet Daniel is being so strict. I agree with him. I thought the Dr would have put you on bedrest of some sort. Those contractions sounds yucky!! Brings back a lot of memories. and that medicine sounds awful!! I'm glad things are better now and I'm excited to see you Saturday!

Michelle Church said...

I was just thinking Britt, do you have a Walgreens? I use that now as my pharmacy because they have a drive thru. I bet it's hard to get out of the car now and especially since you have to use the power cart or whatever it's called. Especially when you have both kids, it's so nice to be able to just drop it off and drive back through.

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