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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Temple

Oh I love the Temple! Yesterday we made the trip to attend the Temple in St Louis. We left at 5 am so Ben would hopefully sleep while we drove there. He did! It is a four hour drive and he slept the whole way! I was so happy! Daniel and I got the chance to talk about life and our future. I really wanted to sleep, but Daniel was tired and I had to help keep him awake. So we get to the Temple just a few minutes too late for the 9am session, so Ben and I waited while Daniel went to get cash for renting clothes. He then went to the first session. Ben and I played in the visitors waiting room in the building where the distribution center is. We were the only ones in there so it was nice Ben could be loud and I could sing to him. I started to walk around with and sing with him and for the first time EVER he fell asleep on my shoulder! When Daniel was done we went to eat subway and then I heading in for my session. It was so peaceful and such a wonderful experience. I just love attending the Temple. After wards I found Ben asleep and he behaved wonderfully for Daniel, he never is good for anyone but me it seems like. So we started home. Ben didn't sleep the whole way home, just the last hour, but he was great. He only screamed the twenty minutes before he fell asleep. I am so proud of him it was such a long trip to make in a car seat! I hope it goes so well next time!


Ed said...

I'm so glad you were able to attend the temple. There is something so special and unique about spending time in the House of the Lord. I feel so blessed to spend so much time there every week. I'm sure Benjamin knew what his Mommy and Daddy were up to and he was doing his part to help. I'm sure that if he could, he would tell you how blessed he is to be born into the covenant to goodly parents.

Michelle Church said...

That is fabulous! That's great you were so dedicated to make the long journey and with such a little guy! I bet that made for a long day for everyone. I feel so guilty that we haven't gone to the temple much here - what is our problem??? I bet that was so nice to go to the session and I'm glad you and Daniel got to talk about life! So I guess Daniel had the day off of work. Oh yeah, he works some Sundays, so I guess he doesn't work the whole week. I love your blog background. I'll have to change mine to something for St. Patrick's day. I printed out Leprechaun hats and clovers to put around the house to decorate and I thought of you, it's Brittany's holiday!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

What a great day trip! Don't you love the way parents have to go to the temple? One at a time?? It is a wonderful, calming experience and I'm glad Ben was good for you.

Steve and Amanda said...

That was probably such a refreshing trip. That was a smart idea to leave extra early so Ben would sleep the whole way there. Now I feel guilty for being 5 miles away from a temple and I haven't gone in forever! I've never gone without Steve in there with me so that will be an interesting change going seperately after we have our baby.

ALYN said...

We've spent many hours in that very room, trading off watching kids. Although eventually we found friends to make the journey with us, and 3 adults went in, and 1 babysat, so that it didn't take so long!

We only lived 2 hours from St. Louis temple though, for 6 years. I think the kids usually are good while their parents are in the temple! It's a blessing!