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Friday, February 13, 2009

O happy day

I know this isn't a happy cartoon, but it described what I felt like before happy pills!

So I am finally starting to feel like myself again! I can actually want to clean my house and enjoy doing it again. I love spending time with my dogs and actually bathed them for the first time since Ben was born (I know I am awful). A new Michaels store opened here and I spent hours just looking at all the wonderful things I could buy, it was so fun! I bought some things and have loved working on that talent. I feel like my creativity gene kicked back in and I have so many wonderful ideas. I don't think I am crabby anymore, but I have been getting head aches still. I think my allergies have kicked into high gear and that would explain the head aches. I have found a play group that meets each week. I took Ben this week and we finger painted. I put an apron around him so he wouldn't ruin his clothes, and put his hand in paint. He did really well! He made it look like he was an older child who knew what they were doing. Then he decided to eat the paint...I deflected his hands and the paint went all over his face and hair. Too bad I didn't have a camera. Oh well, next time! By the way Ben has found out how much fun it is to yell at the top of his lungs so he spends most of the day in a high pitch squeal! Anyways, life is so much better now and I am so happy I said something to my doctor!


Sarah said...

Yay Brittany! That is so wonderful, I'm glad the doctor was able to help you feel like yourself again. It sounds like Ben had a lot of fun painting with the play group. Hopefully we'll be able to come down soon and we can do some crafty stuff!

Michelle Church said...

I'm SO glad Brittany! I was worried about you. I'm so happy you're feeling normal and enjoying things. That's fun about the Michaels store. I forgot to say anything about the playgroup today when I talked to you. i would love to hear more about it sometime.