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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunny Day!

Today was Ben's four month check up. He is 15 1/2 lbs, 25 inches long and developing wonderfully. He is such a fun little boy. Some new tricks in his bag are:
rolling from stomach to back and almost back to stomach
laughing a lot
sticking his tongue out 24/7
pulling himself to a sitting position when he is at any kind of an incline
playing with his feet
his belly button miraculously became un-herniated
tried to eat rice cereal, which ended in a rash
stands and plays in his walker
scoots on the floor, sometimes forward and sometimes in a circle
went to the park
doubled his weight since birth
was introduced to our dogs on the floor, went very well, they are so careful
He smiles when ever I sing to him
He decided that he was through with pacifiers and bottles, we are working on the bottles again and making big strides
attended his first youth dance and danced with multiple girls, I am in young womens now

I think that is it, there are so many things he can do now I forget the little ones. Oh and I got happy pills!


Michelle Church said...

Wow, I can't believe he's scooting and using a walker. You'll have to post pictures. What about video, do you have a way to do that??? That would be great to see. That's good the dogs were careful with him! That's good you're not letting him give up on the bottle too easily, that way you'll be able to leave for a while if you need to. Sounds like he's developing and learning really well. I'm so glad his belly button is okay again! What a blessing. That's great you have some pills to help now!

Steve and Amanda said...

Yay! We love new achievements! I'm glad the dogs are careful with him. Soon Ben will be running around and playing with them. Sounds like he is already quite the ladies' man ;) So cute!

ALYN said...

I guess the medicine is working?

I don't think Zoloft solves all my problems, but it helps to have my brain chemistry working correctly, then I can deal with the ups and downs of life a little easier.

Erin Whitmer said...

It sounds like both of our babies are doing similar things. Ben is about a pound bigger than her and 1 inch longer. We're going to try the rice cereal soon and see how it goes. Charlotte has never been a big bottle or pacifier fan... How are you doing now that we know all about Ben?

Jere said...

Hello Hamman's
Thanks for all of the fun Benjamin news. Thanks too for sending us his great birth announcement. I loved the pictures, he is just too cute, it's now on my refrigerator with many other treasured family pictures. Glad things are going well. Love Aunt Jere

BrookeMonsen said...

He is just the most perfect little lad!

Sarah said...

I didn't know his herniated belly button went away, that's great! I guess it makes sense, his tummy is always covered when I see him. :) That is a long list of new discoveries for my genius nephew! He is growing so fast, he's such a little cutie!

*I love how you added you got happy pills ;)