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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The boys birthday bash

 The boys love a show called The Wild Kratts. It is adorable. Two brothers explore the worlds animals by turning into cartoon characters that use creature power suits and disks to become the animals. This was their theme this year. We invited family and friends from the bus to the party. We started out by playing games to earn our creature power disks.

Ben using his elephant nose to knock over water bottles.

Playing a bird song game to earn our hummingbird disk. 

Auriel and Breanna. 

Playing gorilla tag. 

Cheetah races

Kangaroo hop relay. Daniel and Ben racing each other. 

Everyone singing Happy Brithday! This year they ate dirt and worms! 

Present time!

Afterwards playing in the boys castle bunk beds. 

Tate got a bike from Mom and Dad!

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Michelle C said...

Love the picture of the girls sitting in their chairs