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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Make up tips!!

I have been wanting to do a makeup tutorial for a while, but don't have a great video recording device, so I will list them and give tips on why they are my favorite! I will preface it with I don't wear any powder or liquid foundation. 

 This is the moisturizer I use before I Apply any makeup. Dr. Oz said this is the best on the market and I have to agree. It is fantastic. I never used lotion on my face before this because I thought it was too greasy. This is fantastic. 

I have had these brushes for ten years! I got them from target. They are Sonia Kashuk. 
From left to right: 
concealer, bronzer, blush, eyebrow/lash, eye shadow, eye shadow. 

When I picked out an under eye concealer i randomly chose this brand and it has been fabulous for me.  I dab two very little lines starting in the corner of my eye and dragging down diagonally toward my cheek. Stop after 3/4 in. Two lines total. Then I take my concealer brush and make a triangle shape. It won't blend completely with the brush, so use your ring fingers - lightest touch - and blend it more.(see face model)

 The grey triangle is the basic shape. Using your ring fingers you want to smooth and blend
 it out as much as you can.

 Have you ever had your mascara leave little black specs under your eyes? This solves that problem. It comes with a brush and you just dap a little (very little) bit on the brush shake a little and apply over concealer you just applied. If you do anything these two steps will change you life! I promise! You will look happier, fresher, refreshed and well rested! Please try it! The brand is Maybelline Mineral power finishing veil in translucent .

 This is my blush. L'Oreal True Match in Honey beige.  Apply it over the grey spots in the picture. Blend like crazy (this means just rub over the top, sometimes in a circle motion, sometimes back and forth). You can add some on your chin, but I never do.

I apply a "wet" blush tomy cheeks first and then the powder over the top. The face diagram shows a circle on the left for the wet, and then the right is showing where you apply the powder. I blend the "wet" a little with my fingers and the powder with my brush.  *Tip - I skip the powder blush when its a swim day. The "wet" blush stays much longer! Brand: Maybelline master glaze in coral sheen, L'Oreal true match blush in baby blossom.

 Next is the eye shadow. I like these little packs that come with a ton of shades in the shape of your eye. It shows you exactly where to place your shadow. I use three different brushes - one for the lid base, one for the darker crease, and a third for the highlight.Brand: Revlon photoready in Metropolitan.

This is another fantastic item. It is a solid, but goes on like a liquid eyeliner. It comes with a brush and lasts forever.  It is a navy blue so it's not harsh on your eyes. I usually use a cat eye look because the wing tip that goes up makes one look younger and happier! I exaggerated the line in the picture. Brand: L'Oreal lacquer liner 24 hr infallible in navy.

 I use any brown eyeliner for my bottom lid. Not so harsh as black. 

I have a Mary Kay eyebrow pencil, but any brand will work. I have huge gaps in my brows and they are really thin, so I lightly fill them in and brush over with my eyebrow brush. Make sure that the middle hairs you draw going up, like the natural hair direction and the rest of the brow horizontal to the eye.

I have used this mascara brand for forever. Cover girl lash blast volume in black. I use a waterproof when swimming. (We swim every day in the summer so its a necessity.

 *Tip - This is the eye shadow I use when swimming. Its more water proof. The left side spread over the lid, crease, and highlight. The right side just do the crease.I chose this Almay brand for blue eyes. YOu can pick one that compliments your color!

I don't usually use anything on my lips but chap stick, but if I need a little color Burts Bees has a tinted chap stick I like!

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Michelle C said...

I LOVED reading that. I had no idea the blush was supposed to go so high. I am excited to try these products when I run out of my current ones!!!