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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When I went on bed rest My mother in law re-introduced me to the art of crochet. I had dabbled in it a little before, but never got very far. I think I made my puppies a sweater and a shawl, but they were ugly. So I picked it up again. She showed me a few of her favorite stitches and I practiced. I made a little hat and vest for bens stuffed animals and a matching hat for ben. It was all ugly too. Then I thought of UTube and found this amazing lady. I love her videos. She is very good at explaining and I liked her patterns. SO I made a few hats and they looked really good compared to the others I had made.
I took Tayrien to his infant photo shoot and she used a floppy hat. I didn't really like it, so afterwords I asked her if she needed new hats. She was so excited, because she had been looking for someone to crochet things for her. So she sent me a few examples and I went to work. I am loving this project! I am trying to come up with projects to do after this one is done, so if you have ideas, please share!

Crochet video


Candie said...

I'm glad that you are getting the hang of it. I would love to see pictures of your finished product(s)! I've got lots of girly ideas... doesn't help you much, but now you have baby shower ideas. How about a scripture tote?

Michelle Church said...

That's so fun. Good for you. I have never really got into that either, maybe I would if I tried again. As far as ideas I can only think of scarves, sweaters, things for baby, stuffed animals, and mom made that nativity set by crocheting it. I don't know if you've seen it but it looks pretty tricky, but fun.