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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Benjamin vs. Tayrien

Since Tayrien has been born I have noticed quite a few differences between him and Benjamin as a baby. I thought it would be fun to compare them side by side!

  • ate every two hours
  • slept for two hours at a time
  • had colic
  • lots of dark hair with a cowlick and curly
  • 19 in long
  • 7lbs 1.2 oz
  • herniated belly button
  • birthmark on bum
  • jaundice
  • button nose
  • round head
  • large eyes
  • did not take a binky
  • did not take a bottle
  • sucked his fist
  • never wanted to burp
  • clef chin
  • no dimples
  • pale skin
  • Eats every 4 hours
  • sleeps for four hours at night
  • no colic
  • long black hair with cowlick and strait
  • 20 in long
  • 6lbs 15.8oz
  • no herniation or birth mark
  • jaundice
  • pointy nose
  • thin oval shaped head
  • small eyes
  • takes a binky
  • takes a bottle
  • sucks his fist
  • easy to burp
  • hairy back-like an Italian man
  • deep clef chin
  • possibly shallow dimples
  • deep voice
  • long fingers and feet
  • tan skin
They definitely look like brothers, but different. It is nice that they have their own individuality. Tayrien is a way more laid back kid. He doesn't cry, but grunts and only when he is really hungry. He is very patient with his brother smothering him with kisses and hugs. There are no jealousy issues. Ben doesn't understand why he can't nurse the way Tayrien does though. The big photos are of Tayrien and the small ones, sorry I couldn't find the big files, are Benjamin. Let me know what you think about the differences and similarities!


Kori said...

My second one was easier also, maybe because I was more confident or maybe because the Lord knew I needed it. Glad to hear he's doing well. How are you doing.

Candie said...

You can definately tell the small pictures are of Ben! It's nice that they are a little different. How fun to compare them side by side.

jjediehl said...

I love the pictures and comments about your kids. Thanks so much for sharing. They are both adorable but of course I knew they would be. Keep the BLOG updates coming. It's nice to see and hear how everyone is doing. Take care and congratulations on your new little boy. Love Aunt Jere

MSHamman said...
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Sarah said...

I'm so glad to see that last picture with his eyes open. In that one he definitely reminds me of the the baby pictures of the Hamman boys!

Michelle Church said...

They do have a lot of similiarites, but yes different. I think it's fun to have them look similar. That's so great Tayrien is easier. Tyler was SO MUCH EASIER too! I think like your friend Kori on here, the Lord knows we need a little break the next time around, maybe. (: Who is the clef chin from? Mom said Tayrien's hair is starting to get curly. Keep the pictures comin'. I feel bad I haven't seen him since the hospital, but I'm excited to see him on Sunday. I'm so glad Ben is adjusting well. That's funny he wants to nurse! (: I remember Ruth telling me that she let one of the older boys do it when she nursed David and that's all it took, they wanted nothing to do with it!! (I don't think I would feel comfortable doing that though).