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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Potty diaries

I decided last week to start potty training again since I am feeling much better lately and would love for it to be done before the next one arrives. It is getting really difficult to get up and down for diaper changes now that I am getting big.

So last week I started to keep a log of when Benjamin had a wet diaper and his behaviors concerning going potty. Then a few days later I took off the diaper and shorts and he was nakie. I set his little potty in the middle of the living room and re-introduced him to what the potty was. We also bought big boy undies so he can go into public and not have to wear a diaper.

I tried to make him sit and go, but there was no success with that. So I sort of gave up trying to make him and after his nap he sat on the potty and went all by himself! We praised the heck out of him and he kept up the habit. He gets a marshmallow every time he goes in the potty. He likes the praise and the reward. We have figured out that if it is his idea, he will go no problem. When we force him to sit and say "Ok go potty," he doesn't. So now our process is he goes when HE knows he has to go and then he comes and tells us proudly.

Yesterday he slept through his nap dry, but he woke up this morning wet. All night is a little harder, so we will work on that too. I started to put a diaper on him when he sleeps, but then I found out it confuses them. They think they can go in them, and it confuses them. So I haven't put a diaper on him in over a day. He has had accidents, but he is learning. My mom said I didn't like waking up wet and learned after one accident, but I was a girl and heard they are much easier. We shall see.

I think what we will do next is take his potty with us to the store and practice going while out of the house, and wearing undies at home and pulling them down to go. I usually take a clean pair of undies and a change of pants with us in a zip lock bag in case he has an accident.

Does anyone have any ideas of how they did potty training in public? I feel like he has got it down at home, but has trouble with the big potties at the store.


Michelle Church said...

Wow, I am amazed! I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kori said...

We waited until Spencer was three and 1 month old, took away the diapers and it took 1 week. He was ready and he's fine going in public. We just have to hold him so he doesn't fall in. I'll do the same with Tanner.