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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Color week

I went on a little mini vavation this last weekend to Utah for my good friend Ally's wedding. WHile I was there I had so much fun. I also was able to see a bunch of friends that I went to highschool with in South Dakota. So much fun!!! Anyways, I really missed my boys. It is so good to be home.

While I was gone, Daniel was with Ben. He noticed that he was really whiny like he was bored a lot. So I decided to start school with him. I looked up a bunch of cites and am starting really simple both for his sake and mine. So this week is color week. We are learning all about colors and doind different projects and lessons with colors.

Yesterday we painted and colored with crayons. We talked about the colors he used and what happened when you combine them. We used different techniques with the hand and fingers. He really likes paints. Then we moved onto crayons and this is where we really talked about the different colors.

Last night I had to prepare a little for todays lesson. We started with four ice cubes and each had one drop of food coloring. Red, yellow, blue and green were the ones I had. This morning I put the yellow and red together and blue and green where in their own baggies. I put a few clear ice cubes in also so he could see that change. I talked about the different colors and the tempereature of the cubes. We used our warm hands to melt the cubes. It was fun to watch the color cubes leak their tint to the clear ones. The baggie with yellow and red made orange by the end, so we could see the colors combine. Then for a snack today Ben had a popsicle that I made from apple juice. So there we introduced a color and temperature. Ben had a lot of fun with this activity and kept trying to eat the ice! Oh and we watched a baby signing time that included opposites of hot and cold, so it was fresh in his mind for the activity today.

Tomorrow we will be going outside and discovering the many colors and textures with nature. I am so excited for this new adventure of planning and teaching Ben new things. Everyday we use flash cards of the alphabet to help Ben learn the name and sign of each letter.


Michelle Church said...

You are awesome! That ice cube idea is SOOO cool! We will have to do that. You are such a fun mommy. Nathan's school is boring compared to yours. Tell Ben to keep it a secret that his mom is cooler than his! lol. I bought a couple mini dry erase boards from a garage sale that we've started to work on for our learning time and then just a couple workbooks & flashcards. You're so good preparing the night before and everything!! We need to do more hands on stuff like that. Too bad we weren't a little closer because we could totally do preschool together!! You could totally home school! I know you said before that you weren't going to. We are going to do it (david's still going back and forth, but I'm sold on it especially after talking to Matthew).

Michelle Church said...

Oh and are you just coming up with the ideas? googling them, or have you found a cool preschool website to help with ideas?? I'd love to know what site they are if you have found some good ones. I have a couple I like. I'll send you the links later.