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Saturday, December 19, 2009


My brother came home on my birthday from his mission to Iowa. It was the best birthday present EVER!


Lynette said...

Holy cow! Everyone is growing up.

Kori said...

I can't believe he's home already. Missions go by faster when their not your own.

Michelle Church said...

How exciting! I love that one of your mom hugging him! And the one with Joe and Ben looking through the window! There arne't any of you! (:

Rachel said...

Hooray! I am glad he got home safe. i am just sad we didnt get to take care of him better when he was in our ward. Can I use the excuse that I was 9 months pregnant with a 9lb baby???! I hope that cuts it. I'm excited to see what he does now!

Jere said...

Welcome Home Elder Tayrien (Tucker). Have a wonderful Christmas we hope to see you soon too. Love Aunt Jere

Anonymous said...

So happy he is home and wish we could be there to see him! Those are such cute pics! We love you all.