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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


chick-fil-a cow

Riding the carousel I did when I was little

He is hugging his animals

Temple lights

one sock on and one sock off

shooting hoops with grandpa


Ben's first gum ball, don't worry it wasn't in there long

he wanted the lemon, love/hate relationship

my child wanted to eat toilet paper, there are bite marks

strainer on his head

cousin Kate

Grandpa and Ben

going strollin

my cousin had twin girls, Grace and Holland

My cousins Erin's little girl Charlotte


Well, so I just got back from a great trip to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with my dad and family. I left Friday the 20th at 9pm. Yes it was late and I had ben in a sling and pj's so I thought he would fall asleep and be perfect on the flight....not quite what happened. He was fussy, not screaming, just fussy for the first hour. I had to take him out of the sling during take off because it wasn't approved airline saftey. I bounced and patted his back and he finally fell asleep in the sling. It was for about an hour and we started to descend. Ben was still asleep so everytime a stuerdess wen tby I would act asleep, so I wouldn't have to take Ben out of the sling. He woke just as we landed and was just vacant. Grandma and Grandpa Tayrien met us. We went home strait away and went to bed. When we got up in the morning my sister Amanda and her daughter kate were already awake and ready to meet us. ben was so sweet to Kate. He would always give her hugs and pet her head softly. My other sister was there too, she is about 8 months pregnant. I had two cousins come down from Idaho and Utah to spend the week with us too. It was a full house. THe first day was the baby shower for my preggo sister. Lots of friends adnd family came for that. The next day was Sunday and church. Monday we stayed home and only visited Grandma Tayrien's work so show off the babies. Tuesday We went to thrift stores and played with all the toys the grandparents bought for the kids. Wednesday was my sister Amanda's birthday so we all went to the salon and got our nails done...Thanks Sambo! Then we went to New moon. It was so good and worth seeing multiple times if you have read the books. Then thursday we went shopping at old navy and of course had lots of good food. Then some of us slept for a few hours, but some stayed up the whole night for...black Friday! We left the house at 11:30pm for the mall. We shopped there for a few hours and then moved on to walmart. we got all the things we wanted and had to wait till 4:30 when they opened up some things and then ran to the check out. We were out of there before 4:45 and on our way to Target. I really wanted the cute bag they were giving away to the first 500 people. When we were walking throught the doors, it looked like we would just miss them, so I was pushing my cousin Vanessa to run ahead and get one, then when we got there she said there were boxes left! lol! We were there for about an hour, because the lines were so long. We got home at 6, just as Ben woke up:( my dad is such a great guy that he took Ben and sent me to bed. Kathy took Kate so Amanda could sleep too.

Ok, the next day we went to the Tayrien family thanksgiving Mexican food lunch. We got to see lots of family. It is nice to see some I haven't seen for 10-15 years. My sister Sam went home Saturday and my cousins left on Friday. The rest of the trip was just a lazy week. Ben got a little sick and would wake up in the middle of the night throwing up and have liquid BM's. It was scary so I called Daniel and went to buy medicine at walmart. he fell back to sleep, but he woke up like that for about 4 days. He got a blessing from my dad. One day he woke at 5am and my dad put him in a pushing car and took him and Koda (dog) for a walk around the neighbourhood for an hour. He is now doing better and sleeping through the night. I don't know what it was, but I am glad it is over.

It is nice to be home again in our routines and our space. We had so much fun!


{Steve and Amanda} said...

It was so good seeing you guys! I'm glad we were able to get together for Thanksgiving time. Lots of fun!

Sorry to hear that Ben wasn't feeling well for that long. (Kate never got sick after Ben btw, so no worries. just glad to hear he is better now :)

ALYN said...

Hey Cousin! Do you know anyone in Monett Ward?

ALYN said...

We knew some Levitts when we lived in Columbia, and they live in Pierce City now. Ben's the oldest kid of a large family, and they have a number of kids.

Michelle Church said...

Love the pictures. The one with you and Ben smiling with the horse is a great one. What a fun double stroller? Who's is it? Do they love it? I want one, but they're pricey. I've never been out on Black Friday. I'm glad you got your bag! I'm glad Ben's over his sickness too. I know Daniel was so nervous and I was too! I'm glad he got a blessing. Sounds like such a fun trip with your sisters and cousins for Ben to play with.

Erin said...

It was so fun to see you! Ben made Charlotte look tall! It sounds like Ben and Spencer caught the same thing. Oh- I need your new address if you want a Christmas card in the mail... if not I will save a stamp and post the picture on the blog. E-mail me your address if you want one... erinladybug@yahoo.com

Kori said...

It was really fun to see you and Ben. What a cutie. Sorry he got sick. We had it here last week.

Jere said...

It was great seeing you and Ben. What a fun time. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Love, Aunt Jere