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Monday, September 21, 2009


A while ago Daniel and I were walking around the Branson Landing and decided to go into Build-A-Bear. Neither of us had been in there before and we wanted to see what it was all about. It is the most magical place ever! I fell in love with it. We decided to bring Ben back for his birthday and get him something for his birthday. Saturday we did this. OK so you start out by looking at all their stuffed animals (Not just bears). They are all with out the stuffing inside, just the hallow animal. Then you can choose a cool button that talks for inside the bear, we didn't like any of the ones they had, and then you stand in line for the fluffer machine. Someone who works there helps us fluff the animal. OK so we chose an owl for Ben, because his party theme is owls and we like that animal. So we picked out the hollow owl and went to the stuffing machine. Ben stepped on this peddle that pushed the fluff into the owl. Then you choose a heart to put into it. There were many options, but we gave the choice to Ben. He chose the one that you push and it makes a heart beat in it. Very cool. Then she put this tag inside so that if it is ever lost they can mail it back to us, also very cool! Then you take the animal over to this little bath tub and give it an air bath and brush away all the extra fluff. Then if you want to you can pick out an outfit and accessories. We chose army fatigues. Then you go to a computer and pick out a name and enter all this information in and they print you a birth certificate. I said the first name I saw and Ben said yes so we named him clover, because of his green outfit. It was super cool and Ben can't do anything with out his owl now. Oh and the owls head can turn all the way around, because owls heads really do that. Yesterday we took him to church, but I dressed him appropriately for church in one of Ben's ties. so cute! We have decided to continue this tradition every birthday!


Michelle Church said...

I love it! We just might have to copy you. After you told me that you were going to do it, it sounded so exciting and magical, like you said. We walked by it the other day at the mall and I asked David if we could go in and look, but he didn't want to right then. Sounds so fun! Can't wait to meet Clover, I'm glad Ben is loving him. Sounds like maybe his new lovey huh? That's so cute he went to church. You need to do a little photo shoot where they're in matching outfits - swimming suit, church clothes, army clothes, etc. That would be really cute! Ben said yes?? That's fun he's talking more! Can't wait for Sunday to see all of you!

Sarah said...

I agree Michelle, after the party you should definitely do a photo shoot! I'm so glad he likes the owl, it is so stinkin' cute!!! I can't believe they have an owl, it's just so perfect for his birthday! Ben is getting cuter everyday, we wish we were there to see our nephews more. Hope the party planning is going well Brittany. It seems like you have everything perfectly planned, I'm sure Ben will look back at pictures and video and feel so loved that his parents threw him such a wonderful 1st birthday party!!

allyson said...

i love it!!! my sis took me to build a bear a long time ago! so much fun!!!!