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Sunday, January 11, 2009

It happened!

Well there comes a time in motherhood where I have become absolutely mortified with myself...I dropped my baby. Our changing table is a big thick pad on top of our dog crate (space saver) and so last week I was woken up by my cupboards falling completely off the wall crashing and breaking on their way. So they were still hanging on the wall part way, so I needed my husband to help me take them the rest of the way down. He was in the shower, so while I waited baby woke up and needed to be changed. So in the middle of changing Daniel comes to help me with the cupboards. So he needed my hand for a second, and I turned around and the next thing I new Ben was on the floor crying! He had not fallen off the sides but kicked his legs and pushed him self off the front. So I cried and Daniel wanted me to take him to the doctor. So I made an appointment and took him to the Doctor. He was fine. I also took him to a chiropractor to check him out. Needless to say I feel awful about the whole ordeal.


Johnston Journal said...

Oh Britt! I tripped once and fell and Ethan came down with me. (I have a horrible sense of balance!) I broke most of the fall, but I was devestated and cried for a week! But what I have learned as Ethan's gotten older is babies are very resiliant! We beat ourselves up much more than the babies do!

Michelle Church said...

I'm so sorry that happened!! He still loves you and I think accidents are always inevitable. I'm glad he's okay though!! Chin up.

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Indeed babies are resiliant! God made them that way because he knew mommies who don't get enough sleep are bound to make mistakes with them. Here's one of my worst: Carrying newly home Emma down the hall into my room so I could feed her in bed (middle of the night) Carrying her cradled in my arm. Next thing I know I've walked into the door frame- the arm carrying Emma! I've slamed my baby into a door frame. She cried for ages. I felt terrible. I still feel terrible about it. BUT, she's okay and luckily she doesn't remember.

Ashley said...

oh Britt I'm soo sorry that happened!! Glad he is okay though. How have you been, I was soo excited when Ally told me you have a blog!! We've got lots of catching up to do!! :)

ALYN said...

My Mom tripped carrying Charlie, and dropped him on my Dad!

And Lia was propped up in the corner of our bed and dresser, and somersaulted forward, around the corner of the dresser, and onto the floor.

And last night, the lady in front of me at the walmart checkout, with 5 kids, had her baby and carseat fall off the buggy. (shopping cart.)

So, be gentle with yourself. I think it happens to everyone!

Erin Whitmer said...

I'm so sorry! I know you probably felt terrible but I'm sure he's good. When babies are learning to walk, climb, etc they fall constantly so don't feel too bad. You're still an awesome mom! You're just human like everyone else is!