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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been hearing for months now that some people take their baby to the Chiropractor to get adjusted and they said it helped tremendously. Well, I was a little afraid of this...I have never been to one and didn't know what to expect. I finally broke down and went. It was a little cooky... he used this method were he felt the electricity in his spine to determine where to correct him. I took my mom with me and she was freaked out by this weird process. So he said he needed a few thing adjusted, so I laid him on the table and he twisted and popped his neck...scary! After that he used a little tool to pop his spine back into place down his back. Well, I thought if it doesn't help anything I won't go back in a week. So by the time the next appointment rolled around I was trying to remember what improved (a really hard thing to do now). I realized that he slept better and longer, wasn't so fussy, and wasn't so gassy. It was a little improvement, but at least it helped. So I went back again and he readjusted him again and I observed more improvments. He used to not like his tummy at all and now he is really good at laying on his tummy and pushing up his chest. Then what I thought was Ben teething because all of the symptoms, wasn't it, becasue they all have gone away! He seems like a new baby! Don't get me wrong he still cries and has some gas, but it is such an improvement from before we went. I am taking all my babies from now on!


Sarah said...

Oh Brittany that's great! I was really hoping it would help. I just keep becoming a bigger and bigger fan of chiropractors! I didn't know they could adjust babies, and hadn't thought about until you told me. That's so great that it helped with the gas and what seemed to be teething symptoms. I'm so happy for you guys and little Ben. Hope it keeps helping!

Michelle Church said...

I'm so glad it worked too. I had a really bad experience with the chiropractor that I went to so I am nervous about it, but that's great you have found one that does a good job and was able to help little Ben. Super cute picture. He looks so grown up.

Rachel Kerr said...

He looks like he is in hair bow heaven! good gracious!