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Monday, July 14, 2008

Benjamin has been tagged!

Well Benjamin's cousin Nathan has tagged him so I will do my best to relay the message through morse code!

Name: Benjamin Daniel Hamman
Age: 83 days till I am supposed to come into the world
Nicknames: Kid, baby, Ben, The king, Elvis
Favorite activities: hanging out with mom, kicking vital organs, kicking anything that invades my precious space, sleeping
Favorite foods: watermelon, ice cream, cold water, veggies and dip, root beer
Favorite music: I will kick if you put the speaker next to my moms stomach
Favorite book: The only book they read to me is a Portuguese text book. I plan on being bi-lingual
Favorite clothing: Nothing! I love to be nakie!
What makes me happy: when mom eats good food, when daddy reads to me
What makes me angry: People invading my space, loud movies, having to live in cramped quarters, bumpy roads

I am a very active baby and can't wait to come out!
I guess that is as good as it gets for now! see ya soon!


Michelle Church said...

That was adorable!! I LOVED seeing what his preferences are!! Can't wait to see you Benjamin!

Steve & Amanda said...

My favorite ones are favorite book and favorite clothing. That is so cute, and funny!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on both the gradutaions and the new baby-to-be! That must be very exciting for your family. Good Tag! "He" sounds like one in a million.