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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry and Bright

 Merry Christmas! I cant believe it has been a year since last Christmas, but So grateful to be home for Christmas. We are back at our old home in Branson. This year we didn't have our traditional Hamman Family Christmas. Everyone was out of town, so we had our own little Christmas eve fun!

The kids in their Christmas Jamies
 They each got to open gifts and Tate Chose one that was legos. He was so excited he didn't want to look up from the box to take a picture so we got this creepy face!

 He even had to show the cat his gift!

 Benny asked for a warm fuzzy blanket and I made him one. 

 Benny helped Auriel open her gift.

 We gave her a Princess Ariel doll. She adores her.

 The boys also opened the gift they gave each other. Ninja turtle swords and masks. They sleep with them.

Benny with his spider-man blanket. It has a chevron minky back. 

 These are our Santa cookies. The small ones are for the elves.

 Ready for Christmas Morning!

 We have a tradition of breaking through crepe paper to get to the tree! Swords were used this year.

 Benny got a fast bike this year. He loves it and even wanted to sleep with it that night.

 Tate got a scooter.

 Tate got a Batman blankie like Ben's

 Benny asked Santa for a fast jet this year.

 Santa brought Tate a truck

 Auriel gave the boys umbrellas.

 The kids gave Daniel a framed family picture for his desk at work.

 Daniel's Gingerbread house.We had a contest on facebook. His won.

 Brittany's house

 Dallan's house

 Annual Christmas day silly string fight.

 Celebrating Auriel's birthday. We eat pie for birthdays on my side of 
the family and so she got one too!

 She wouldn't let me put on her crown!

 Happy Birthday Auriel!

 I want pie!!!

I sis this collage of my journey with Auriel since this would be my last pregnancy. I love the transformation I have gone through to bring her into the world. I will always be grateful I had this oppertunity! I love her so much and and so blessed to have a girl among all these boys! 
WE love you Auri!

1 comment:

Michelle C said...

Okay so I made notes, lol. Here are my thoughts
* Love that Benny asked for a blanket - aww!
* So fun that Dallan came too and did a gingerbread house - So funny that Daniel's won on FB, lol!
* Love the stockings by the door
* That is adorable that they slept with their swords, and used them for the crepe paper. Lol, boys!!
* How sweet Ben had to sleep with his bike too. Not sure how that happens, but I'm assuming it was just next to his bed. (:
* Love the mustache cookies!! And cute tea cup
* That pic with Dan and the silly string is so funny. Poor Joe is laying on the lawn mower, lol.
* That is interesting you eat pie for birthdays. I didn't know that.
* Love Tate with his crossed leg, reading a book.