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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weight loss and family photos

Sooo, when I had Auriel, we decided she would be our last. I had wanted to have another baby for a while and was so thrilled to get one more go at it. Knowing that I am done having children kind of loit a fire under my big, jiggly buns to get into shape now while it is easy for my body to loos it, rather then years down the road when my metabolism slows down. Soooo, Daniel and I started a calandar and a rewards system. For every pound I lost, and every two pounds he lost, we would get something to help motivate us to keep going. Not every reward was tied to money, but some where. Today I am just 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy with Benjamin, body before all babies, weight! I am posting about it now because of how great I feel! I know it will be super easy to loose the last little bit, but I already feel like I have won!

My "Jackpot" I get when it's all off is new clothes. As a mother I tend to spend money on my kids rather than myself, so my wardrobe is long over due for some essentials let alone trendy pieces. I also got my hair colored and I feel fantastic. Interesting how a new hair color and a great dress can make you feel.

I have to commend my Hubby because he has lost twice the weight that I have and is not done yet! 20 lbs is a big deal and he is looking FINE, if I may say so.

We took some family pictures this Sunday because we were due and we were really happy with the outcome!

I just love Benny's smile in this one!!!
Yes, we bribe with chocolate!


Shannon said...

Haha, this is awesome.
Wish I could have gotten to know the two of you better in the Y-daho years. Looking great!

Kori said...

Great job Brittany! Losing weight after children is NOT easy but fitting into skinny clothes again feels great, doesn't it.

Michelle C said...

So proud of you guys!!!! Oh the dream of being skinny! (: Now that I'm done nursing Bre (bittersweet), I am doing some detoxes and I can be a bit more drastic with my plans since while breastfeeding I wasn't supposed to lose weight too quickly (yeah, yeah excuses, lol) But you guys have totally been my motivation. That is absolutely awesome that you're only 4 lbs away from before baby weight. What an incredible feeling. And you are rockin' that dress!! So excited to see your new wardrobe and what you choose. What an accomplish for both of you!!!

Amy Graham said...

You are looking foxy! :) Awesome job, it's not easy, but looking good/feeling confident in cute clothes=WORTH IT! And, I swear, if I only lose a couple pounds, I have more energy! Good work, hot momma!