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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Three months old!

 Time seems to fly so much faster with each child I have. I am trying to take time each day with each of my children and be in the moment with them. They are so cute and won't always want me in the center of their world, so I am taking advantage of it now!

Here are some fun cmparisons of Daniel and I when we were young and the kids now.

We gave talks on Sunday in our new Jamestown ward and random people helped us with our kids. Tayrien and Auriel had melt downs in the hall with me. Ben had diarrhea, Tate had a cold, and I had a really bad UTI  and was in pain (TMI I know). It all happened on my favorite holiday (St. Patricks day).We got through it though and are glad it's done with! We can't wait for warm weather so we can get outside more!!! We went to a family fun night a few weeks ago at the James City centerand had a blast. The kids swam and Auriel even dipped her toes in. The boys started gymnastics at a gym a few minutes from here, and Ben started soccer. They are loving it and so am I. Daniel and I started to work out and eat healthy to get into shape. We have incentives if we reach our goal! Stay tuned to that one! Hope you all had a happy March!


Michelle C said...

What an informative post, I loved hearing about your life!! That's so neat the boys are doing gymnastics too!! Good for you guys for working out. I lost my motivation. I need to find it again!!! And that Sunday sounds so miserable!!

Candie said...

I can totally sympathize with you on your hairy Sunday. Seriously- it's a page straight from our book (down the the UTI)!

Marlie asked me the other day "what country to Ben move to again?" It feels like another country. We miss you!

And I LOVE your blog banner. I laughed!