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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Today is my favourite holiday of the year! If I was well I would:

Make green eggs and potato pancakes for breakfast
tell Ben stories about Irelands heritage and history
Do some Irish step dancing (or attempt to)
Decorate my house with beautiful shamrocks and Celtic decor
watch a movie with Irish people or Irish stories
dress my dogs for the Holiday
have a treasure hunt for a pot of gold with ben

We shall see which ones I can actually do today!

Have fun celebrating this fun day!

1 comment:

Michelle Church said...

I had intetions of doing something, but we didn't do it. I think as the kids get older I will feel more motivated to do something - or lets hope I will! lol. I would like to do something fun for every little holiday!! I think it's fun and creates good memories.