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Friday, October 2, 2009

Facial hair or no facial hair? That is the question.

His first experience with Nutella (a chocolate spread from Europe)


{Steve and Amanda} said...

That's pretty cute! Chocolate, yum.
(is that what Nutella is? I saw it in the store and had no idea what it was).

OKC3 Relief Society said...

That is too cute! I saw a commercial about Nutella and remembered eating it when we lived in Germany. I was thinking about getting some for Ethan. How cute!

ALYN said...

I want some Nutella.... yummy.

That owl cake is amazing! Candy corns, almond slices, coconut, large pretzal sticks, pineapple rings, ice cream cone???

I need to restrain myself from my cake insanity! But it's so cute.

Anonymous said...

That is one cute face!