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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Signing time

Daniel's sister Michelle has the baby signing dvds and she so graciously lent us the first one for Ben's enjoyment. Well the very same day he started to sign! He uses the sign for milk a lot. I thought it might be a coincidence that he did it on the first day and maybe he was just sayig bye bye. So over the next few days I payed attention to when he signed this particular one again. He usually did it right before he wanted to take his nap. I was still skeptical until I started noticing when he aves bye bye he doesn't even use the sign for milk, (like milking a cows udder), he used his entire arm to wave up and down. So yesterday he did it a lot and every time he wanted to nurse! I can ask him now if he wants milk and he confirms by using the sign! I am noticing other signs he does...yesterday he did the sign for dog and I think the sign for food or eat. It is so exciting to know what he ants now instead of a guessing game. Thanks Michelle!


Johnston Journal said...

We started signing with Ethan a while ago and I beleive it's helped him to be a happier child becasue he can express what he wants. The baby signing times videos are awesome! I love them! Keep working at it. Before you know it, he'll be doing a ton of the signs.

Michelle Church said...

Not a prob! Let me know when you'd like to start using the other ones. I am coming down on Tuesday since mom is off work, I'll try to remember to bring the others.

Kori said...

Those movies are amazing! Spencer learned several signs when he was a little over a year, and now knows about 50. I think it's a great way for little kids to communicate before they can talk and it shows how really smart they are . Have fun.

Michelle Church said...

We have the baby signing time dvds on our computer, so nathan has been into asking to watch them lately. He is really enjoying trying to sing all the songs now, so it's pretty cute. it's amazing how it's still helping with his vocabulary now instead of just learning the signs.