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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ben holding on to Daniels ears!

Coloring eggs

"Hunting" eggs

Easter basket

All his goodies

Easter was such a fun holiday this year! Daniel and I had so much fun filling Ben's eggs. We had to find things to fill them with instead of candy. We mostly did matchbox cars and little animals. We hid eggs under pillows and he did a good job finding them and pulling them out. He wasn't very happy when we were coloring eggs. He colored mommy more than the egg, but it was just for tradition. We also went over to the Guenin's house on Easter and ate good food and had and Easter basket with lots of goodies. Silas my nephew hasn't had a hair cut since he was born and it was starting to get really long, so hid daddy held him while I cut it as fast as I could. I think he looks better after the cut!


Erin said...

Ben is looking so much older! I love the picture with his dad at the top! Looks like you had a lot of fun. There's so many things you want to do with them but they're not quite big enough so you end up doing it "with" them! I can see a little bit of you in him now that he's getting older

Steve and Amanda said...

Those pictures are so sweet, I can't believe how big Ben is getting. Easter egg and candy traditions are always more fun when you have a little one around. Ben's little smile is so cute. He is probably already a ladies man.

Staci & David said...

Fun Easter pics! Little Ben is growing up so much- he is such a handsome little man! Love it!:) How are you doing? You look and sound great!

Mollie Lawrence said...

awww...cut the baby hair:( It's bitter sweet. Little boy curls are so cute:)
Ben is ADORABLE! Love the easter pictures:)
Thanks for sharing.

The B Family said...

How cute is the little boys!!! The pictures are adorable. Yes I would love to have you come visit!!!!!!!!! can you bring your mom:)?

Michelle Church said...

I just love Ben. It was so great to meet him. He is adorable with that smile!! I love his Easter basket.