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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Parents as Teachers

So yesterday was playgroup and Daniel came with us. It was so fun to have him there! This week they were working on the five senses.When we arrived they started an activity called "Make a cloud". You take a Ziploc baggie and put some shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring in and seal it. Then they squish the baggie for sense of touch and watch the cloud turn from white to blue for the sense of sight. Ben LOVED this! He used his mouth mostly to squish it, but he was entertained for a long time. I think we will do this activity on a regular basis. A few kids at playgroup made their bags explode, so I guess the older the child the more likely they will have an accident. They give us a handout every week and this week had more sensory activities so I thought I would share them with everyone so we can all benefit from this information! I think I will do this update every week and share info.

Yesterday we also started Ben on his first vegetable. I chose green beans and he really liked them! I made my own baby food and it was fun and didn't take very long! I cooked the beans in a pot with water and then blended them in the blender with the water they were boiled in. Then I put the green concoction into and ice cube tray. This way they stay fresh and I just use one ice cube at a time. When they are frozen you put them into baggies and back into the freezer. I was told it takes 14 times for a child to like a food if they don't right away, so I am excited to start different ones in a few weeks after the green beans run out. I am also excited to use the vegetables we will grow this summer!

Sensory activities:
Potting and garden soil- provide small garden tools and plastic flower pots
Sand(wet or dry)- Add sea shells, sand molds, or toy construction vehicles.
Snow in season- Bring snow inside and wear mittens
Fall leaves- These are great because they make rustling sounds. Bring several varieties inside and match colors and shapes
Shaving cream- Put an unbreakable mirror or shiny cookie sheet in the bottom of a container and let your child decorate his face. Supervise the child because shaving cream can sting
Ivory snow and water- Wash your dolls clothes clothes in the tub or bathe your stuffed animals
Water- Provide plastic pitchers and cups for pouring. Investigate how objects float and sink.
Dried beans, rice, or oatmeal- Provide scooping and pouring toys. Bury small toys for a treasure hunt
Cotton balls- pretend snow without the cold-have a snowball fight
Easter basket grass or shredded paper-bury plastic eggs and have an egg hunt
play dough and clay- molding helps your child's senses

Have fun!


Michelle Church said...

We will definitely have to try the shaving cream. Although I already got rid of my food coloring ): That sounds like so much fun. My friend Michelle found this story time at the library so we've gone to that for a few weeks. We read books and sing songs. It's pretty fun!

Johnston Journal said...

I love making Ethan's food.
Your heading "Parents as Techers" reminded me to tell you to call your school district and find out if they have a program called MPAT (ours is OPAT). It stands for OK Parents as Teachers. You get a parent educator that comes in to your home and helps you learn new techniques for teaching your children, eval your child for different learning styles and where he's at and other various activities. They come once a month or quarter. We also have a program that is called READY, meaning ready for Kindergarten which is a similar program except you go to a "seminar" of sorts and they give you all kinds of help but also you get some amazing toys, books and puzzles for free. Both programs are free and funded through the school district. But it's an AWESOME program. Ethan has some fantastic toys and books from them, toys that I'd never buy becasue they cost too much! :)

Steve and Amanda said...

That is so neat that you made baby food for him. It's a good idea and I bet it's way cheaper too. I'll have to look in to doing that when the time comes.

Sarah said...

Wow that sounds like so much fun! I love little creative activities like that. I'm so glad you and Michelle will have so much experience to share with me when we have a baby!