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Monday, October 6, 2008

More photos!

Bright eyes

He is yawning, not screaming

On the way home from the hospital

bath time

another yawn

I have all these wonderful photos of my new baby and thought I would share some! Benjamin changes so much everyday so I have to keep taking photos so I don't miss anything!


Steve and Amanda said...

Oh good, more pictures. He sure likes to yawn, that's cute. He does look like Daniel but I can see you in there too. I love his hair! I hope my baby has hair.

Lynette said...

Aw, so adorable. I'm always taking pictures of my baby too, I can't believe how much babies change day to day!

Robin Anne and Neal said...

Brittany! Congratulations on Benjamin! I think he looks so much like you. You all look so happy. Congratulations again!

Johnston Journal said...

Keep the pictures coming!

Michelle Church said...

I have been looking every minute waiting to see more photos! Thank you for posting them. I can't even tell you how cute he is. I'm sure you know it though!! I just love him already! Keep 'em coming. I love you Brittany!

Jere said...

I've been watching a waiting everyday for more pictures too. Thanks for sharing. He is adorable. Keep posting. Love Aunt Jere

aunt tracy said...

Brittany! I've been keeping tabs on you also it't been so fun, I've never seen any baby pictures of Daniel but I think Ben looks just like you, so very cute, its so nice being able to see whats going on with you and your family, so much time and space with no communication, this is really great, so happy for you and you family, good to see pictures of your mom Hi! Lauri. congrats on the baby good job love aunt tracy

Mollie Lawrence said...

he is sooooo precious! thanks for sharing the pictures!